The objective is to assemble, temporarily or permanently, two elements of an identical or different nature.

The main technology used is double-sided in the form of foam or transfer film.

Single-sided can be used for connecting applications.


Temporary fastening

Adhesive tape offers a temporary assembly solution, i.e. adhesion that is limited over time. This need for temporary fastening can occur in the production phase (leatherwork, veiling, machining…) or when installing products (carpeting…).


Removable fastening

These fastening adhesive tapes are characterized by removal without residue after short-term use.

These products are widely used in the field of flexography, layouts for points of sale, etc.


Permanent fastening

This type of adhesive tape allows for permanent fastening and offers constant performance in the life cycle of the finished product.

These assembly tapes are used in very many activity sectors: automobile, aeronautics, other transports, furniture, solar, smartcards, household appliances, signaling…

Structural fastening

Not PSA. Can be activated for example with heat…