The objective is to temporarily mask a substrate during chemical or mechanical process operations.

Single-sided adhesive tapes with a paper substrate are the reference solution. Single-sided adhesive tapes with polymer film substrates can be used for applications that require greater chemical or mechanical resistance.



This is of course the most widely-used process that exists for applying paint on a wall for decoration, or on a car or aircraft. The constraints are entirely different according to the industries which require a large range of suitable products (temperature, type of paint applied either by a gun or with a brush…). Paper masking adhesives are used. Film masking adhesives can also be used in particular for applications over long straight lines. 
Application: Transport, Construction…


Chemical surface treatment

During treatments of metal in particular, such as galvanoplasty, or chrome-plating, an adhesive that is highly resistant to chemicals (acids, bases) and to high temperatures (up to 310°C) is required. The adhesive is then primarily comprised of a film (Polyamide, PVC, polypropylene).

Galvanoplasty, chrome-plating…


Mechanical surface treatment

For mechanical treatments of the sand-blasting and shot-peening type, an adhesive is required that resists abrasion and temperature for several seconds. Generally, very thick adhesive papers are used as they are solid and resistant.

Sand-blasting, shot-peening


High temperature

Certain treatments such as powder coating, or plasma torch entail very high process temperatures (>200°C) and for a long time (30 min /1h), requiring adhesives that are comprised of a film and of an adhesive mass that are specific such as silicone, in order to be able to resist these stresses.

Gelcoat Autoclave, Plasma Torch