Closing containers (primarily cardboard boxes) with adhesive tape (single-sided) is a conventionally-used solution today. Vigilance is however imposed in order to choose the type of adhesive tape that is best suited. An optimum closing is the result of the correct adhesive mass/substrate combination and has to take account of the nature of the container and of the load.


Standard packaging tapes

This represents most of the volume used in the carton closing market. According to their composition, they can resist temperatures between 0 and 70°C, rates of humidity up to 90% and are able to close heavy cartons of more than 30kg. They can be printed for the most part, having a silent unfolding and are able to be applied manually or automatically.

Your shipments will always be secure!


Packaging tapes for heavy loads

You want to send and transport very heavy or bulky loads, that you cannot package in boxes. You will then need an adhesive that is highly resistant mechanically and able to withstand the many impacts during transport.

Reinforced adhesive tapes are designed for these stresses. They have a reinforcement that is either thread-to-thread or warp and weft, which allows them a fracture resistance 2 to 10 times greater than standard adhesives. They resist abrasion, tearing, and have good adherence on most surfaces.


Safety tapes

Security tapes make secure the sending of parcels containing valuable products: watch, jewel, wines and spirits, medicines …
In the event of detachment, the tape marks the support of a tamper message “Open, Ouvert…”