Protecting & Damping

The objective is to ensure that a material or substrate remains in its initial state, or does not degrade, when it is exposed to external factors: abrasion, impact and vibration, chemical aggression, etc.



Combining a suitable substrate and a water-resistance adhesive allows adhesive tapes to fight humidity in many applications.

Mainly manufactured using a foam or film substrate, adhesive tapes contribute to the construction of tight systems, or are used as seals.

Applications: construction, automobile, telephony, televisions…



Adhesive tapes can provide protection against impacts at low temperatures (-30°C) and protection at high temperatures (up to 250°C).

Adhesive tape can be used during a manufacturing process just as easily as a final component in a commercialized product.

Applications: automobile, building, industrial processes…



Many adhesive tapes resist chemical aggressions: solvents, oils, acids, bases…

They make it possible to meet the most demanding specifications of manufacturers in the fields: automobile, aeronautics, electronics…


Electrical & Electronics

Adhesive tapes are frequently used in electrical construction, providing insulation or conductivity functions.

Applications: Automobile, aeronautics, telephony, televisions, IT equipment



Used outdoors, adhesive tapes can also resist aggressions from the sun up to 20 years! They are used for temporary application, on construction sites, as well as for permanent protection.

Applications: automobile, railroad, construction…


Mechanical protection

Adhesive tapes provide mechanical protection (scratches, splashes, abrasion…), temporary protection (protection of visible parts during manufacture, storage, transport) or permanent protection (protection against graveling…).