Technical adhesive tapes
12 True or false ideas

Beware of preconceived ideas

  • Double-sided adhesive tape is a proven alternative to mechanical fasteners such as welds, rivets, screws, etc

  • The use of adhesive tape is more expensive than glue or mechanical fasteners

  • The fitting of adhesive tape is necessarily a manual operation

  • The use of adhesive tape reduces workplace safety risks

  • Adhesive tape can only adhere to materials of the same type

  • The use of double-sided adhesive tapes reduces the final weight of the bonded structure

  • Fastening using adhesive tape is immediate

  • A bond made with adhesive tape is sealed

  • Bonding using adhesive tape can be invisible

  • Fastening by adhesive tape provides shock absorption

  • Products bonded by adhesive tape can only be used indoors

  • Adhesive tape is omnipresent in our daily environment