Duration: about 3 hours

Cost: Free

Speakers: technical specialists of adhesive tapes

Project leader: SNCP (French rubber manufacturers’ association) / Adhesive Tapes working group (3M, Tesa, Nitto, Scapa, Lohmann, Sicad)

Tape technology training for higher education institutions

“Double-sided adhesive tapes, an alternative to traditional fasteners”

Adhesive tapes are often seen as simple commodities, while they are often very technical products.

Double-sided adhesive tapes offer high-performance assembly solutions (easier to implement, productivity gain, weight reduction, possibility of combining various materials, etc.) little known in the industrial field.

These assembly solutions based on adhesive tapes are nevertheless developing, but the members of the working group wish to support this trend, as part of a collective approach, by raising awareness / training with students from engineers.

For this purpose, we offer a training module that will be delivered as part of an intervention by an engineer from the companies in our working group.

This intervention will be carried out free of charge.

Plan of the training module:

1. Introduction: the different fixing technologies
2. The characteristics of double-sided adhesive tapes
21. Adhesive properties
22. The influence parameters
23. The substrates
24. Composition of double-sided adhesive tapes
25. Standardized tests
26. Making an adhesive tape
3. The challenges for the industry
31. Improving productivity
32. Reduce the cost of investments
33. Facilitate the design of parts
34. Reduce the impact on the environment

Duration: around 3 hours