The objective is to create, using a single-sided adhesive tape, a barrier that is sealed from water, air, dust, noise, light or waves.


Water & Humidity

Water and humidity can cause significant damage to objects and people.
For example, cellular single-sided adhesives will provide water-tightness when installing photovoltaic panels on a roof, thus avoiding any risk of leakage that may affect the housing or the operation of the panels.
Double-sided adhesives with waterproof properties now allow to assemble the screen of your smartphone, protect it from accidental dips while ensuring optimum operation.



The energy efficiency of buildings is among other things conditioned by an optimal airtightness. In addition to the energy aspect, the benefits of air-tightness are multiple and also concern the quality of the indoor air, the conservation of the state of the building (avoiding the appearance of condensation and mold).
Single-sided or double-sided adhesives ensure, for example, the connection of vapor barrier membranes in constructions, thus avoiding any risk of infiltration, condensation and maintaining optimum energy efficiency properties.



For temporary applications, adhesives are used for joining different materials, such as asbestos removal airlock covers, and to prevent any risk of dispersion of volatile particles.
In electrical appliances, electronic components are also sensitive to different particles. Excess dust can cause these components to overheat and shorten their life. The use of a closed cell adhesive for the assembly of the boxes thus ensures a perfect longevity and protection.



In vehicles many adhesives are used to eliminate or reduce the noise inside the passenger compartment and thus contribute to the comfort of the occupants.
A high molecular weight polyethylene single-sided adhesive having a low coefficient of friction will be used to reduce squeaks in seat structures.
A thick double-sided adhesive can hold the cable strands in the roof trims while maintaining flexibility and performance retention.
A single-sided foam positioned between the dashboard and the windshield will isolate the spurious noise of body deformation and also those from the engine cover.



The aim is to limit light leaks and / or to direct the light signal only in certain areas.
A single-sided or double-sided adhesive consisting of an opaque black PET will be used on the back of a backlit LCD module to optimize light output on the visible part of the screen.
In a smartphone, for gluing the glass, the double face will avoid any light leak between the shell and the glass of the phone.



Interference caused by electromagnetic waves is a common cause of malfunction on various electronic devices.
Single-sided adhesives in copper or aluminum support are used to protect against these nuisances and thus create a Faraday cage.